Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's Scary and It's Not Even Halloween!.

Even though I know better than to go shopping on Saturday, I thought I was early enough to beat the crowd. I went to Target and Lowe's, Target because a friend told me she got some bike shorts there, and Lowe's because I needed stuff for the garden.

I went to the bike store yesterday and they only had one pair of women's shorts and they were in a size small. I also visited Sports Authority and they had no women's bike shorts at all. So I bought a gel seat cover and figured I'd just get some capri pants and make do.

I used to like shopping for clothing, but I really don't anymore. I don't know if it's because I'm older and don't like the current fashion craze, i.e. low riding pants that feel like they are always falling off and shirts that are too short to cover skin during any activity, or if it's because I'm overweight and nothing fits right. Probably a little of both.

But I trudged into Target and found their sportswear and workout sections. No bike shorts in either section. But I did find a variety of moisture-wicking capri pants and tops, so tried them on. I nearly gagged when I looked in the mirror. How many times have I looked with pity (if not scorn) at fat women wearing spandex or tube tops and thought "What was she thinking?" Even if I wore a ski mask so my neighbors couldn't identify me, I couldn't bear to wear something like this in public. On a bicycle. With people coming up behind me. There's got to be another solution.

There was, kind of. I found it in the maternity section. I am so glad I'm not pregnant with today's skin tight fashions. I didn't like seeing Demi Moore pregnant and nekkid on the cover of a magazine, and I don't like seeing normal pregnant women wearing a skin-tight dress over their bulging middle, swayed back, and ample derrier. Heck, I don't even like seeing fat teenagers wearing low riding jeans and a cropped top. Do they not have mirrors in their house or do they not care that their fat it hanging over the top of their jeans like a muffin crown?

Anyway, back to the maternity section. Since the normal clothes didn't have a t-shirt long enough to cover my ample backside, I thought I might find one for those few pregnant women who actually want to cover the stretchy part of their maternity clothes, and yet have a shirt that fits in the shoulders. It's not a pretty combination, but at least it's not disgusting, and I won't have to wear a bag over my head or ride in the middle of the night to avoid being seen.

Until next time, may you have blessings and comfortable clothes,

My ordinary life

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