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Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's Good to Have Neighbors

My neighbor has been working on his car for a couple of weeks and has taken the seats out while he replaces the headliner and carpet. He has found a way to drive the car when he needs to move it out of the driveway though. Yep, he put in a chair from his dining table. *grin* Must be a man thang.

I've been talking to my neighbor Di about riding with me. She finally said yes today and we went for a long ride around the neighborhood. The hills were hard on her but I showed her how to change gears and then it was a little better until her legs started giving out. She walked her bike up the hills after that, so I walked with her. The wind was blowing between 20-26 mph but most of the time we weren't going straight into it. I didn't think Di would go as far as she did, but she did great, and I was really surprised when I measured it later and it was 4.5 miles for me. Whoohoo! It didn't seem far at all, maybe because I was going a little slower than normal and had someone to talk to along the way.

As little as I know about cycling, it felt funny to be showing Di how to use her gears and adjust her seat. We need to work on riding and talking though.

Until next time, may you have blessings and friendship,

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