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Monday, October 8, 2007

Who Says Cycling Is a Low-Impact Sport?

That's what my doctor told me. But it's only low impact if you manage to stay on the bike.

This morning started out nice enough. It wasn't too hot, but really humid, about 82%. Sweat was rolling down my back before I even hit the pedals. I adjusted the seat, took a spin down the driveway, and came back to adjust again. On the way back to the garage, I thought I'd just ride it into the garage instead of stopping in the sun. I knew the edge would be rough, so stood up to go over it, slowing down while I entered so I could stop when I got in. That's where the trouble began.

A mountain bike it is not, and my inexperience could account for the loss of control when riding over the concrete edge. I braked and tried to slow the crash, plus had to swerve to miss the toolbox, and my shorts got hung in the handlebar so I couldn't get my foot down to block the fall. I ended up hitting the concrete with my right elbow and lay there dazed and embarrassed for a few seconds until I could muster the energy to get up. Luckily, nothing was broken on me or the bike, and a quick glance out the door didn't reveal any giggling witnesses.

I finished tightening the saddle and decided to go ahead and get my ride in. Two miles today, and I felt like I probably could have gone farther, but didn't want to push it. I'm finally learning when to use the gears I think. I love flying down the road with the wind behind me.

I felt pretty good when I got home, just a little stiffness in my thighs. But as the day went on, the bruises on my left leg are getting bigger and so is the bruise on my right elbow. I have a pain between my shoulder blades and my right thigh is sore. Riding a bike just wasn't this hard when I was ten.

Until next time, may you have blessings and good balance,

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