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Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Birthday Ride

Ok, so my birthday wasn't today, but today was the first day I could do the ride. Now, technically, the ride should have been 52 miles, but since I haven't been riding long, I can't do 52 miles. I thought I would aim for 5.2 miles instead.

The wind was blowing 17-22 mph which was fine on the way out since it was either behind me or from the side. I took the usual route through the neighborhood and since the trip meter still said under 2 miles, I thought I'd head toward the creek. As soon as I got onto the busy road leading to the creek, I thought I could be in trouble. There was more traffic than I usually see on that road, and no shoulders. And what seems to be a slight incline in the car turned out to be the biggest hill I've ever gone down - or up. I coasted all the way down the hill, braking before I got to the bridge at the bottom in case there was a problem where the road connected to the bridge. I rode across the bridge and then decided I'd better turn around while I still had the legs to make it back up the hill.

I thought about getting off and walking at one point but there was just too much traffic. At least on the bike I'm going a bit faster and taking up less space on the road. The wind was in my face and I never got out of granny gear, and when I finally got to the top and turned into the subdivision, I had to stop and rest. I needed it because there was another long incline to get back to the road to my house. At least there were side roads here so I could climb into the wind and then turn east for awhile, but I made it.

Great sense of accomplishment, happy birthday to me!

Until next time, may you have blessings and fulfillment,

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