Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tribute Quilt

When I began making this quilt, I was going to donate it to my daughter's prep-school's private auction. But as the time grew nearer, the school cancelled the event. It was a tumultuous year, with a financial crisis, teachers leaving, and the final blow was that the beloved administrator was replaced. I never was quite sure of the details, but the school took a different direction after that. Less emphasis on academics and more on athletics, kind of like the public school we left.

Since I already had most of it made, and since the administrator and his family were featured in the quilt, and since there was a going away party planned for him, I decided to finish it as a tribute quilt to be given to him at the party. This picture was taken before the party; at the party, all the teachers and parents present signed and wrote messages on the quilt.

The outside blocks have photos or letters printed on fabric, and the center block is machine embroidered. The quilting is just stitch in the ditch. I say just but as a beginner, I found quilting in the ditch much harder than stitching beside a seam.