Monday, October 13, 2008

I Could Have Picked a Peck

After my first batch of pepper plants froze this spring, Hubby came home with new pepper plants. Among them a was a jalapeno pepper, at least that's what the tag said. I don't like jalapeno peppers but he wanted them for roasting dove and making salsa. My tomatoes didn't produce in the quantities needed to make his salsa, so we ended up giving away most of these peppers, and the tiny red ones that were supposed to be cerrano peppers. Now here it is the end of the season and I found out that these green peppers are Anaheims, a mild chili pepper! Argh! I could have been using them in tortilla soup all summer if I had only dared taste it.

Until next time, may you have blessings and flavor in your life,

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  1. Enjoying perusing your blog.

    Jalapenos are short and stubby, and thick when mature:

    Those little ones look like young habanero peppers, to me. Habeneros are super hot, be careful!

    Serrano peppers are long and skinny, and also really hot:


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