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Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Could Never Be a Pioneer Farmer

I finished chopping down the okra today and then tilled the garden, or at least half of it. This year, I expanded the garden by about five feet, and that part was really hard to work. Not only because the ground was rock hard, but the tiller kept getting bound up with the grass and a bolt in the handle kept loosening and falling off. I usually till with tines going backward, and to free them when they get clogged with grass, I reverse the tines. Once the tines are free again, the tiller takes off like a bucking bronc until I can get it stopped. It seemed appropriate that I name her Nellie (as in Whoa Nellie). In turtle speed, it's an effort to hang onto the handle and keep her going straight, and my arms are shaken all the way to my shoulders. Who needs a gym membership?

After I finished tilling, I raked out the grass from the new area, spread some wheat as my winter cover crop, raked over that, and watered it in. I'm beat, and I only did half the garden; the other half still has tomatoes, peppers, and okra growing in it.

Until next time, may you have blessings and soft soil,

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