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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What a Waste!

I am not frugal by nature, but have a tightwad upbringing and have put in diligent frugalista training for the last ten years. I know frugality and conservation are still not the norm, but I guess I hang out with so many folks who are like-minded that I expect it of most people. When I see waste, either of reckless spending or thoughtless trash, I am both amazed and disgusted.

Yesterday afternoon, my neighbor and I went on a seed hunting adventure on a nearby secluded road that is often visited by locals who don't want to pay a garbage dump fee. Usually they sneak in and out when no one is around, but occasionally we do see a truck enter or leave there and sometimes we get lucky and get a license plate number.

Still, I was flabbergasted by the things we found yesterday. It looked like someone had cleaned out the house of an older person because there were boxes of unopened adult diapers and vitamin supplements as well as a lot of other stuff I associate with older people. There were also unopened mailed boxes which we kept because of the identifying name and address on them.

There was also a lot of perfectly good stuff that we trash picked. Our haul included a wooden rocking chair with a repairable spindle, a brand new plastic ice chest, a minnow bucket, a small tool chest with a socket wrench set inside, a birdhouse, Easter basket, double shepherd's hook for hanging planters, brand new car battery, screw drivers, Christmas ornaments, framed pictures, a pedestal type tv stand, and believe it or not, a box of coins, mostly nickels, but it added up to almost $10.

I do not understand why these people can't make the effort to donate the usuable stuff to a thrift store, recycle the batteries - they can even get paid for the batteries, and put the other stuff in their own trash. These people live in town where they have city trash service for crying out loud. Instead, they ruin a beautiful area, leave trash that attracts animals and creates a breeding ground for rats and mosquitoes.

This bothers me on another level too. Even though many people have title to a plot of land, we cannot truly own the land. Leviticus 25:23 says "The land is mine and you are but aliens and my tenants." We may have temporary custody of it, but it will endure long after we have taken our last breath and become part of the earth. As stewards, we have an obligation to take care of it, preserve it, and enrich it. God rewards stewardship, (see Matthew 25:21) and I have been privileged to see the rewards firsthand. And then I see such wanton disregard for this land and for the people who live around it.

Deep breath. Ok, rant over.

Do you want to see my get of the day? American Beauty-berry which produces beautiful purple berries all along it's branches.

Oh, and an update on the diet. A half cup of food every two hours doesn't begin to work for me. I am upping it to a half cup every hour, at least for awhile. One slice of store-bought bread is over a half of a cup.

Until next time, may you have blessings and stewardship,

Pix, Diet

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