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Monday, December 1, 2008

I Want to Know

1. Why it is possible to stick to a diet over Thanksgiving, but impossible when you have a cold?
2. When, EXACTLY, do you stop worrying about your children?
3. When, EXACTLY again, is menopause actually over?
4. When did Thanksgiving become just a convenient weekend to decorate and shop for Christmas?
5. When is middle age? (two friends in their early fifties died last week - does that make middle age 26?)
6. Why grass that was dead all summer is greening now that temps have hit the low 30's?
7. Why no one will eat the last piece of bread, or the last banana?
8. Why recipes in magazines have ingredients that can't be found?
9. Why no one ever knows who spilled something sticky on the kitchen floor?
10. Why the just purchased item is ALWAYS the one to be discontinued so you can't buy replacement parts?
11. Why do decorating people tell you to put what you love in your home and then they tell you your house looks dated or needs a new look?
12. Why do architects and builders put a door so close to the corner that there is one inch or less of wall space between the door frame and the wall so they are next to impossible to paint?



  1. 1. Because you feed a cold and starve a fever. Didn't you know that already?

    2. Never ever. You never stop worrying about your children. I wish I could but I can't and neither can you. I also wish I could stop paying their college loans but I can't!

    3. Menopause if over between 3 and 4 years from the time you start. In my case 53. Same as my mother.

    4. I don't decorate for Christmas over Thanksgiving or go Christmas shopping. I enjoy the holiday with my family as it was intended to be. And then I freak out over all the shopping I have to do for children and grandchildren and why I don't have enough time and why I am doing everything by myself instead of heading south to warm weather and forgetting all about everyone else.

    5. I think today's middle age is around 55. I'm loving it. Over 50is the greatest time of life in my opinion. I actually remember just why I married my husband!

    6. Grass likes cold temps.

    7. Because the rest of the family is weird!

    8. I can find all ingredients at my local co-op.

    9. They won't admit it because then they would have to clean it up. I don't even try and find out "who did it" anymore but then I'm in my late 50s and just don't care anymore. I clean it up because I have time and because I get great pleasure in making the guilty person wonder why no one asked.

    10. Because items we buy get out of date before we want them to. The world moves on with electronics and communication. I have decided to embrace it and move on with it.

    11. My 92 yo mother-in-law still has living room furniture from 40 years ago. She's too old to tell her to move on and modernize but I really do try and update every 10 years or so. Still keep the antiques but it feels good to kick out the old and move on with the new. Now if I could just convince my husband to get rid of clothes he had in college 40 years ago.

    I really enjoy your blog!



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