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Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Not Ratatouille

Ben, maybe, or Willard. Every fall we see a few mice, but this is the first year we have seen rats, and not just a couple. Unlike mice, these have been found outside only. With the help of the Victor power kill rat trap, we have filled a small rat cemetery. We haven't caught any in a couple of weeks and I thought the fall rush was over. Not so.

Today, I heard a thud as something hit the front door and then the doorbell rang. I got to the door in time to see the UPS man sprinting back to his truck. Since this is his usual MO, I didn't think too much about it until I opened the door to get the package his dropped on the porch, and I do mean dropped. That's when I saw the rat, a dead white rat, sprawled across the sidewalk.

This is our first white rat, the others have been the usual brownish color. I don't know if this was someone's pet or how it became dead on my front walk, but I do understand the UPS man's desire to get back in his truck.

Until next time, may you have blessings and be vermin free,

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