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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life Without a Purse?

I don't see how men manage without a purse. Actually, I did see a man with a purse the other day but I figured his wife must have been around somewhere. On the few occasions I go somewhere with Hubby and leave my purse behind, I always need something. But the chiropractor told me to lighten my load and get rid of the weight on my shoulder. He's had me wearing a lift in my left shoe for a month and my spine is still misaligned.

I just weighed my purse and it weighs in at 5.5 pounds. In it I have my wallet with loaded coin purse (maybe that's why most men dump their coins every night), folding money, cards, and checkbook; pen; calculator; some kind of little broken part I need to replace; house keys; car keys; sunglasses; pepper spray and other heavy item for protection; cell phone; multicompartment pillbox; kleenex; handlotion (actually 2 tubes of handlotion because one is almost empty); lipstick; sunscreen lip balm; little tape measure; dental floss; earplugs; sunvisor; tire air pressure gauge (why, I have no idea); nail clippers; nail file; several packages of hand sanitizer wipes; shout wipes; folding scissors; hair brush; notebook; and camera.

Gee, no wonder my back hurts. I can see leaving most of this junk in the car and not lugging it around with me everywhere, but when I start thinking of the absolute minimum I need to carry, it gets longer and longer. And it's easier to leave such things as lipstick in the car in winter and quite another in summer when it would melt, and it doesn't do any good to leave a hairbrush in the car when the purpose is to fix hair that wind messed up.

I'd like to know how other women manage without a purse.


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  1. I got off and on about using a purse. I'll just carry my wallet and put my keys in my pocket. I'm not a fussy type or "girly girl," so carrying makeup or a hair brush is by far not a necessity for me. I had a small wallet for awhile that was smaller than my DH's - and it slipped easily into my back jeans pocket. I wear carpenter style jeans, so the cell phone goes in the side pocket.

    DH's solution to not being able to carry a purse but not wanting to carry something like a backpack? Cargo pants. Look around. Almost all the men have them - it's their answer to no purse. :D


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