Monday, December 29, 2008

Looking Forward to 2009

The holidays usually leave me drained, but this year I am actually excited about starting the new year. We had a nice Christmas. The girls came in from school and my mom and Hubby's parents drove down together, taking turns on the driving, and only getting lost once in Fort Worth. If you've ever driven in on I35W and have to get over to the Hwy 287 exit in rush hour, you know how easy it is to be in the wrong lane at the wrong time and end up going the wrong direction. When they left to go home, Hubby drove their van and I followed in his car and we drove them to Rhome so they could miss all the Fort Worth traffic, although Saturday morning traffic was light.

On Christmas Day we went to Brother Bear's house for lunch, and Lil, Hubby and I went to the range for some practice shooting. Hubby had a new gun he wanted us to try but I still prefer my little revolver.

Hubby and I sat down today and went over our goals for the coming year. These are really my goals for the most part, but some of them can't be done without it being a team effort, so I am including both mine and ours here. I also got my company sales taxes filed today, so I can start the year fresh.

Health Goals
Eliminate (Hubby says cut down on) desserts
Eliminate sodas
Eliminate fried foods
Add more vegetables
Add more fruits
Prepare rounded meals
Eat lighter dinner
Walk daily 30 minutes
Bicycle daily 30 minutes
Exercises for the back daily
Look into tennis or golf

Financial Goals
Put 15% of Hubby's salary toward mortgage payoff
Hold off house addition until mortgage paid and economy is stable
Bump emergency fund to $20K
Add identity theft insurance
No eating out (Hubby says Less eating out)
Cook from scratch
Get part time job to speed mortgage payoff
Keep better budget accounting

Personal Goals
Clear the clutter
Have a place for everything
Clean out garage and office
Move office to den and closet
Finish projects in garage
Use up fabric stash
Keep the house clean (There has to be one impossible goal)
Get more sleep
Find a church home and not just a place to go

Build Habits
Put up everything after using
Make copies of paper records that are sent anywhere
Deal with mail immediately
Write down money spent every day

Some of these overlap categories, especially in the finance and health areas. Funny how the unhealthy food is also the most expensive in the budget.

Until next time, may you have blessings and achievement,

My ordinary life

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  1. Do you live in Texas? I'm from Dallas originally, and I'm up there relatively often. I'm in Austin now...

    And yes, I have been on that interchange at rush hour, and it's a bear!


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