Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Pantry and Freezer Challenge

Kim, at The Frugalista Files, challenged us to a pantry/freezer challenge. I looked at my pantry, and it's not bad, but then I looked into my freezer...


I'm in. I have no idea what is even in there.

In the freezer was an unopened box of corn flakes bought to make oven baked chicken. So last night I got out the blender, and crushed all the flakes in the box and made the chicken recipe. But I still have a lot of crushed cornflakes left. What to do.

There are several recipe websites with search engines for particular ingredients.
All Recipes is great because you can enter up to four ingredients you want to use, and also four ingredients you don't want in a recipe.

Update February 17, 2014: Allrecipes has changed so that now you have to have a specific type recipe in your search, and I find it very difficult to use. Too bad. It used to be such a help.

There are other recipe websites where you can list a single ingredient, such as Redbook Magazine, Foodieview, Goodhousekeeping, Epicurious, and Supercook. The best of these is Supercook because it searches other recipe websites. Once you enter your single ingredient, it will give you a list of other ingredients and ask which ones you have on hand, which makes it easy to find a recipe you can actually make.

Until next time, may you have blessings and an organized freezer,

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