Saturday, January 17, 2009

Product Review: Yellow Out

In an attempt to declutter, I am using up things. One such thing is a product called Yellow Out. I bought it because Lil will not wear a white shirt once it has a yellow stain in the arm pit area. I bought this product when she was in high school and her school uniform included a white shirt. I didn't read all the fine print in the back before buying it, I just saw the words on the front label proclaiming it "remove yellowing and rust stains from white laundry" with a picture of a white t-shirt.

I tried the product on a small load of clothes that included her school shirt and a few of Hubby's dingy old t-shirts. It made no difference in them at all, and I stuck the bottle in the back of the cabinet. Now I found it again, and after reading the entire back label, it says it is "designed to remove rust, yellowing, and dinginess caused by aging and iron in your water supply." Oh well, that explains why it didn't get the sweat stains out, but not why it didn't get the dinginess out of Hubby's t-shirts.

Still, because I want to get rid of it, and because I have a set of white sheets that are so yellowed I have to hide them from guests, I gave it another try. It also says on the back label "for stubborn stains, increase dosage and/or contact time" so instead of using the 1/2 cup recommended for a load of laundry, I used 1 cup. Let me tell you that this stuff is a very fine powder that floats through the air when pouring it into a measuring cup or the washer, no matter how slowly it is poured. It says it is a skin and eye irritant, but I will also tell you it is a nose and throat irritant.

The sheets I washed are 100% cotton; the top sheet was just dingy, but the bottom sheet had a yellowed area in the center from sweat stains. What can I say, the Hubster has active sweat glands. The sheets are dry and they look much better. Both sheets are bright white. The Hubster's pillow case is still yellowed, but better than it was. I don't know if another round of this stuff would get that pillow case bright white or not, but I am favorably impressed with the results. I wonder if Lil's shirt and Hubby's t-shirts didn't turn out as well because they weren't 100% cotton.

Until next time, may you have blessings and products that work,

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