Monday, March 30, 2009

God is Like a GPS

Recently I went to Missouri with Lil as she searched for an apartment before starting her new job. Knowing what a bad sense of direction we both have, we took a GPS along with us, and sure enough we missed a lot of turns, often not even knowing we missed it until we heard the voice say "recalculating."

Lil prayed and agonized over this job offer before she finally decided to take it. She was so afraid she would make the wrong decision that would set her course for the rest of her life. But like the GPS, when we make a bad decision, God leads us back on course. And also like the GPS, God will lead us back over and over until we finally get on the course he has laid out for us.

We named the GPS Feefee after a street we finally found after many wrong turns. Once we made so many wrong turns that we thought we heard exasperation in Feefee's voice, but actually it was our own frustration we were feeling. That is the same with God too. He never becomes exasperated with us; the irritation is within us and we are projecting it on God.

When we first began homeschooling, we didn't know what we were doing, only that it had to be better than the public system. Neither of our girls were average in a system that taught to the middle of the class. Ours girls were at either end of the spectrum and the overloaded teachers couldn't give them what they needed. My motto then, and through the next seven years was to do what they needed when they needed it. For Brownie, that meant testing, a prescribed curriculum based on her learning style, and homeschooling through graduation. Through unschooling, we discovered her tenacity and skills. For Lil, it meant encouraging her creative side and homeschooling for just a few years until she once again became confident. Then it became clear to all of us that she needed a higher level and more competition than homeschool could provide. That was God putting us on course.


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