Sunday, March 22, 2009

Long, Hard Weekend


It is spring so it must be project time. We take up this story where we left off with the back door project. Since moving the back door from the side to the actual back of the house, we have not had a back porch which we sorely miss after a rain, or any other time for that matter. Dead grass seems to stick to feet whether they are wet or dry and I am constantly sweeping grass from the floors. But after recent rains, we now have mud since we have worn a bare path through the grass. It is definitely time to build a deck, and we are going to take up a stone walkway and replace with a deck walkway so there won't be any steps and there will be wheelchair access to the pond.

The stone walkway looks nice but has always been a nuisance because it is under water after a heavy rain and the rocks aren't completely flat which makes for uncomfortable walking. When I mentioned to Hubby that we should just extend the deck walk to the pond deck, he was relunctant. I brought up these two points and added that the pond deck would have wheelchair access then too. He asked me who needed wheelchair access, and I resisted the urge to tell him that we will. It didn't seem wise at the time to point out that he has had back surgery and spinal decompression and still has constant back pain and a numb leg, and I'm not far behind. He seems to think he can push through just as he always has, or at least he thought that yesterday morning. After these last two days, we are both feeling a lot of pain.

We began this weekend by removing the fence between the house and garage.


The Hubster tilled the garden one more time while I cleaned out flower beds, and then we put the panels from the fence into the garden to use as trellis for the tomatoes. We put it at an angle and will train the tomato vines on top and hopefully the tomatoes will hang down on the other side for easier picking. I just hope it doesn't make it easier for the mockingbirds also.

Under the tomatoes, I planted onions and asparagus.


Then Hubby started building a vortex filter for the pond and digging out a spot for it in the canna bed while I began taking out the bog which would have been easier if it hadn't just rained. What looked to be dry ground was pure muck when stepped on. Luckily, I just did that with one foot. After I got the rocks, plants and most of the mud raked out, Hubby helped me pull out the liner. It took both of us pulling together to get a twenty foot liner caked with mud out from under the bridge. I may regret it, but I'm going to plant the umbrella palm and Louisiana iris directly into the garden. I just hope they don't become monsters and try to take it over.

Afterwards, I began taking out the stone walkway and moving them to areas where a stone walkway will work better. I certainly hope I don't have to move them again. I also repotted some water lilies, drained and moved the horse tank, and then refilled it. After Hubby looked at the angle of the two decks, he thinks it will be best to put it where the horse tank is, so now I get to drain and move it again. *groan*

While picking up some of those heavy rocks, I felt something touch my denim shorts and I turned around quickly but nothing was there. I picked up another rock and felt the same pressure, turned around and again nothing was there. That continued until I had all the rocks from that area moved, and I finally had time to look at my backside where I felt something and saw that my shorts had ripped from knee to the bottom of my pocket. Eeek, mooning the neighbors and I never even knew it!

Until next time, may you have blessings and teamwork,


Anonymous said...

Your garden is huge and I am jealous. I have two gardens that don't equal your one! This year I am going to plant tomatoes in rows between 2" x 2" stakes and let them be a vine. I will contain them with row long twine. Let us know how your fence/vine method works. I may try that next year.

My husband has suffered from back pain for over a year now. He was supposed to schedule surgery last month but after researching on the internet decided against it. Your husband's continued problems also confirms his decision was right. He should schedule an appt. with the pain clinic but hasn't done that either. Everything he reads says the pain will eventually go away and he has decided to wait it out. I hate seeing him suffer and also being physically older than he is.

I can't believe how hard you and hubby work on your house and yard. Makes me feel lazy!!! Please post pictures when you are done with the deck and ramp to the pond.

I won't be planting anything in the garden for two more months. Our summers are hot and humid in Vermont but they don't last long. I'll be starting my seedlings the first of April to give them two months to grow. I am buying seeds tomorrow but from what I am reading in the newspaper I'll be lucky to find any since everyone is growing "front yard" gardens this year. I don't really think it will be a problem though since all Vermonter's grow gardens every year.

Love the pictures and really enjoy your blog!


fifty/fifty said...

Thank you. We've known other people who have great success with the same surgery, I think there was just too much damage with Hubby's nerve. His foot had been numb for several years before the surgery.