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Friday, March 27, 2009

Winds of Change

Just as we thought winter was behind us, a Norther is upon us. Outside, Hubby walked up on a small group of dove by the pond and they didn't want to leave their warm spot. Now the wind is howling around the corners of the house, the roof is creaking in protest against it's pressure, and we are snug inside. We aren't supposed to have a freeze tonight, which is a good thing, because anything we cover the garden plants with will just blow off.

I just looked at tomorrow morning's forecast and it doesn't look good. We are supposed to do some volunteer work at the zoo in the morning and the temperature is supposed to be 34 and feel like 24. I wonder how many will show up?

Just an update if anyone is interested.

All Friday night I kept waking up because the wind was blowing so hard. When I dragged myself out of bed Saturday morning, it was 36 degrees and the wind was a sustained 30mph. I went straight to the computer to see if there was an email cancelling the event. No such luck. We put on several layers and gathered up gloves and earmuffs and headed out. I really thought we might be the only ones there, but there was actually a good turnout with about eight of us. And luckily, the zoo, or that part of it, was in a valley and protected from the wind. It was still cold, but it wasn't bad without the wind. There was less to do than last year too, and we whipped it out in less than two hours.


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