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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Buyer Beware at the Grocery Store

Where I live, it's a trip to town to go to the grocery store, so I try to do it while out running errands. Today, those errands were in a town with only one grocery store, and I picked up a sales flyer on the way in. One of the loss leaders was pork chops for $1.60 per pound. Not bad. Sounded like something Hubby would like, so I picked up some things to go with it and headed for the meat aisle. When I picked up the package, the meat looked fine, but upon closer inspection, there were only three chops that actually looked like pork chops and three that looked like bone and gristle. It was a two pound package containing three thin pork chops for a total cost of $3.20.

A two pound package of center cut pork chops was $2.39 per pound. There were four in that package and all looked good. Those are the ones I bought.

Which is the better deal? The center cut pork chops at $2.35 per pound, in my opinion. I have bought those packages where they hide the crummy pork chops under the good ones, and they aren't worth eating. There might be a bite or two of edible meat on them. So if you consider those the trash that they are, and if they weigh a pound of the two pound package, that one pound of good pork chops cost $3.20, which is 81¢ per pound higher than I paid.

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