Friday, April 3, 2009

The Most Boring CSI Ever

Maybe it's just me, but CSI Las Vegas has really gone downhill since William Peterson left. Any show based on science has the potential to be tedious, but the addition of Lawrence Fishburne has sealed that fate for this CSI. Last night, we were watching and about halfway through, the Hubster remarked that the show was dragging and the storyline was hard to follow. I had lost interest about five minutes into it. We used to love all the CSI's, well we loved Las Vegas and New York and we tolerate Miami. David Caruso is so full of himself it's sometimes comical.

As much of a tv addict as I am, it's getting harder to find anything worth watching anymore. I was sad to see ER end last night too, but kudos to them for going out in style.



  1. I agree with your thoughts on television in general. You can thank the reality shows and lack of creativity in the scripted shows for the repetitious trash being produced.

    I do not agree with your assessment of David Caruso. He has represented the best of CSI, although CSI Miami is just as bland as the others. The few times he reverts to his former intensity are almost worth the wait. I also lasted just past the first break of CSI LV last night.

    To see The Mentalist or Castle in the Top 20 is testimony to the rubber stamped dramas available. Criminal Minds and NCIS remain semi-interesting on occasion.

  2. I have never liked David Caruso, he reminds me too much of Jack Lord from Hawaii 5-0. But you are absolutely right about the reality shows; I don't watch any of them. Right too about Criminal Minds and NCIS, often interesting, and NCIS can be entertaining.


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