Monday, April 13, 2009

Perfect Timing?

It shouldn't be any surprise. Brownie struggled with school in areas where Lil excelled and moved ahead, so by the time they were in 10th and 7th grade respectively, they were basically doing the same curriculum. Brownie didn't have any desire to go to college when she finished high school, but after a few years she was ready, and started community college. That same year Lil graduated from high school and started a four year college so we were paying for two in college at the same time. Brownie began a course here which she finished a few weeks ago and began working full time. Lil will graduate this year. And wouldn't you know it, they were both offered jobs that will move them to different states! Brownie will move within the week and Lil will move in May.

I never suffered from Empty Nest Syndrome before because Brownie never really left home, but now I am going to have to say goodbye to both of them before summer. They've always ended up doing things together or at the same time, and this isn't any different. I just hope my little birds find their way back one day.

Until next time, may you have blessings and time with family,

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