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Monday, May 25, 2009

Graduation Day - Partie Une

This was the big day for Lil, graduation day. We drove up Friday morning and got to see her big group project which was a mechanical horse that mimics the motion of a real horse to aid in muscle development for disabled children. It was impressive. After that, the college of engineering sponsored a hamburger lunch and some of the professors actually did the grilling too.

After a photo session with a real photographer along with all of us parent photographers, we attended the graduation and watched our daughter walk across the stage and shake the hands of her professors for the last time. Her final grades had been posted the day before and she was thrilled to learn that she had a 3.9 average and would be a magna cum laude graduate. Can you tell I am a proud parent?

After the ceremony, we loaded more of her stuff into our car (remember we already moved most of her stuff out of her dorm apartment a few weeks ago) and went to dinner with some of the other students from her senior project. We left to drive home and Lil and joined her friends and her boyfriend for a final movie and game night.

It's both happy and sad to know she will leave college life behind. Even though we are relieved that the financial drain is ending, it was nice to have her so close. Her new job is over 600 miles away where she doesn't know anyone. I try not to think about her leaving.

Until next time, may you have blessings and time with your family,

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