Friday, May 29, 2009

Ode de Sulphur

I've taken a shower and washed my hair twice, but I still keep smelling ode de sulphur. I think it's in my nose. Wonder if I can wash the inside of my nose without drowning? As bad as sulphur normally smells to me, it didn't seem quite as bad to me this time. Maybe because I knew the relief would be worth it. Sitting here though is a bit like being in chemistry class sitting next to Chad McConley (he was a hunk who smelled great); the odor of sulphur lingering in the background while the good clean fragrance of shampoo and soap is near enough to tantalize.

Around the garden today:

Horse trough with purplish blue tropical water lily Nora, behind is the livery stable, aka the shed.

Lotus and lilies in the lower pond. The pink bloom is Ellisiana and the white is Alba.

Two rows of tomatoes, one mulched and the other almost ready for mulch.

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