Saturday, May 30, 2009

Where's My Sign?.........

I think I'm losing it. Today I went to Lowe's and bought a 75 foot garden hose and a couple of small things. The cashier didn't put any of it in a bag so while walking through the parking lot, I was trying to hold the hose in one hand and the other stuff in the other while trying to fish the keys out of my purse with a couple of fingers. I managed to get the remote between the hose and one finger so I could push the unlock button and then I had to figure out how to get my thumb free so I could open the door. I balanced everything on the hose to accomplish that feat and then set the hose in the floor and the little things in the middle of it.

So it really wasn't my fault that I didn't notice it was the wrong car. I did notice the thermal coffee mug in the floor and didn't recognize it, but Hubby has so many of them that I just figured it was one I hadn't seen yet. I also noticed the ear buds hanging from the rearview mirror and thought with irritation that I wish Hubby wouldn't do that. Then I noticed the two cups from Braum's. We didn't eat lunch at Braum's and there were two of them, so Hubby didn't go there alone, and besides that I KNEW they weren't there before. I stared at them for at least thirty seconds before I noticed that the gear shift was different. The car seats were the same, same color interior, same carpet, but the cup holder held the two cups side by side instead of one behind the other.

I picked everything back up and shut the car door and stared at the car. It was in my spot, my remote either unlocked it or it was already unlocked, but it was a Chevy and ours is a Saturn. I tried to lock it with the remote, clicking it twice to make it honk. It didn't. I looked around and in the exact space but in the next row was my car.

Now I had two choices. I could go back in the store and act like I forgot something and then come back out again and go to the right car, or I could hope no one was watching and just go get in my car. I did that. Then I noticed someone watching. *sigh*

If this was your car, I'm sorry. Oh yeah, do both of us a favor and start locking it.

Now, where's Bill Engvall with my sign?

Until next time, may you have blessings and awareness,

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