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Friday, June 12, 2009

Old Game, Old Body, But a Whole New Level of Pain

I played tennis in high school and a year of college until I got married and got a job to support our rent and grocery habit. I played on leagues until our second daughter was born twenty-two years ago and then just played once or twice a year for the next ten years. Then other things became more important, and we moved to an area where there was no tennis association so I just didn't play anymore.

Fast forward to last week. I had been toying with the idea of playing again. Nothing competitive, I just wanted to hit the ball again and get back into shape. After Christmas, I had contacted a tennis association in another town and last week I got a phone call that a league was starting. So I went out to join a few of the ladies in a pick-up game, warning them of course that I was really, really rusty. I knew my strokes would be off, wondered how hard it would be to play with bifocal glasses, and figured I would be sore the next day. I had no idea how sore. My right shoulder and elbow are sore but nothing compared to my left hip. I think I tore a muscle in my gluteus medius. Ouch! I bought two bags of ice and spent the night with an ice pack on my elbow, both shoulders and sitting on another.

This aging thing is really the pits.

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