Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wow! A Finished Flower Garden

My neighbor, who has seen my yard, loves to kid me because I only show small snippets of plants and not the whole flower bed or yard. But just to show her, I finished weeding a flower bed yesterday so I can proudly say at least one area of my yard is not an embarrassing eyesore. It was full of big bluestem and lots of Texas Ash seedlings which I pulled barehanded, only to find a few sprigs of poison ivy among them. I rushed to the kitchen and washed with Dawn each time, and luckily, I don't have poison ivy today. Big sigh of relief! Btw, those buckets mark the poison ivy so I can kill it.

This bed has yellow columbine, a Texas native, and a couple of other colored columbines circling the tree. They were red and blue several years ago, but the way columbines cross, there are several colors now. There is a daylily that has never bloomed, probably because of the shade, but it is there to stay because the roots of the tree have it firmly pinned. A few Byzantine gladiola and oxblood lilies are planted among the roots too. At the edges of the bed are chocolate oxalis, rain lilies, and purple coneflower.

This garden is under a Texas Ash, so that explains the millions of seedlings I pulled. Looking up, I think I'll be doing this again next spring.

Upon completion, I called Hubby over and proudly asked him what he thought. "Did you find any snakes?" he asked. *groan* I guess that was the first thought in his head but not what I had in mind.

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