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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The In-Laws are Coming!

What a hectic week! After making the decision to move here, the in-laws quickly sold their house and began sorting through their sixty year accumulation: keep, sell, toss, give. Sounds simple, but it wasn't. They hired an auctioneer to have a public auction on Saturday and they will close on their house the following Friday. After the auction on Saturday, we loaded up Brother Bear's pickup with large backyard objects and they went home.

It was when we began loading our flatbed trailer that we learned that Deedee was paralized with stress. A lot of the boxes were only partially filled, or stuff was in boxes that had no lids or top flaps. So I began filling boxes with anything that would fit, and repacking boxes that couldn't be closed, while Hubby loaded the trailer.

The next morning, Sunday, we began packing boxes to fill our pickup and once again, I began filling boxes with everything I could find. Every time I picked up something to put in a box, Deedee had an objection, either she wanted to sort through things first or she didn't think it needed to be in a box. She kept saying she had all week to do it, until I reminded her that she didn't have a week. She had three-and-a-half days until the boys came back to load their U-Haul. After I said that a few times, she finally gave in and let me pack everything I could find. I convinced her that an open basket of magazines would either be crushed or turned over if not packed, and she let me pack the pictures she had "packed" by wrapping in a tablecloth.

We ran out of boxes and room in the pickup before we got everything packed, but Deedee assured us she would have plenty of time to pack the remaining dishes, clothes, linens, and cleaning supplies. I called her Monday night to see how much she got done and she told me she packed two things. Two. Things. I told her she had two-and-a-half days left and asked her to set a goal of getting all their suitcases and everything left in closets packed on Tuesday.

On Monday, I went over to their new apartment and cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, and began unpacking the boxes we had dropped off there Sunday night. My Sis-in-law joined me and we had all the boxes unpacked and the stuff put somewhere so all Deedee has to do is rearrange stuff without having to lift boxes and deal with boxes, packing trash and black fingers from newspaper print. Hubby put their porch swing together last night while I vacuumed their apartment and potted a plant for their front porch.

Their new home looks great - mine, on the other hand is a neglected wreck! But it will be worth it if they can start living here without the stress they've been living with for the last month.

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