Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

I don't mean top 50, I mean below the belt.

Today I was working outside, coming in every so often to get a drink of water, and finally finished outside about noon. When I came in the back door that last time, I heard a loud roaring motor coming from the utility room. I kicked off my shoes and hurried in to see what was going on. The sound was coming from the upright freezer. When I stepped up to it to open the door, I felt the wetness seep into my sock and hoped it was from an ice cube that had dropped on the floor. No such luck, the water stretched across the front of the freezer.

I opened the door and checked the ice tray, which was full of water instead of ice cubes. I reached behind the freezer and pulled the plug, and went to the bathroom for towels. Coming back from the bathroom, I noticed the wood floor in both hall and living room had wavy ridges, swelled from the water seeping under the wall.

Yes, it could be worse, and yes, we have insurance, but the adjuster hasn't been here yet, and we don't know if they will pay to replace the whole floor of if they will only pay for the damaged section. The floor store we used last December is now out of business, and the odds of matching the color is pretty slim.

Not only is the floor ruined, all my summer produce is now compost, and two garbage bags are loaded with meals I had cooked and saved in food saver bags. Surprisingly, the elk meat in the bottom of the freezer was still frozen.

A trip to Target and I am supplied with Dark Milky Ways and Pepsi. Let the pity party begin.

Until next time, may you have blessings and dark chocolates,


eggbounder said...

You have my pity. I lost my freezer once too. All the food was floating in the bottom. Lots of red strawberries I had saved. Sears brought me a new freezer and paid for the lose of food. I still had to clean it up. Now I don't even have a freezer.
Love your blog- Elaine

Marti said...

Thank you. Was your freezer new? Ours wasn't new, plus I think I must have left the door ajar. After it was unplugged for 24 hours, we plugged it back in and it seems to be working. So my loss is my fault - more stupid tax.