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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Master Bedroom Progress - Crown Molding

I think crown molding really finishes a room. This is the same molding we used in the girls' rooms, but I wanted corner pieces here to add a little luxury to the master bedroom and bathroom. As it turned out, crown molding is much easier to install with the corner pieces.

Before: (I didn't see any need in cutting in perfectly since it would be covered)

After corners:


We opted not to scrape the popcorn off the bedroom ceilings, which meant that the crown molding didn't fit snugly against the ceiling. It would have to be caulked anyway, but this was harder. I am now the Queen of Caulking.

I still have to do the baseboards, but we haven't decided whether we are going to replace the carpet, replace with wood flooring, or just clean the carpet. So if the baseboard has to come up, I don't see any point in painting it now.

Oh, and I have a tip for those of you who save the little bit of paint you have in a can after painting a room. If you are like me, once you have poured the paint out of the gallon into the tray a couple of times, hammered the lid back on a few times, or painted out of the can, you know the lid gets harder and harder to get off. And then when you try to open it, the edge comes apart or is so bent it won't open or even close easily. Paint stored in a nearly empty can gets that thick film on top too, along with dried up paint pieces from opening the can.

But I found an easy way to keep paint for touchups, or even larger amounts. Put it in a clear soda bottle with a sports cap from a water bottle. (Even better if you can find a clear water bottle, the only ones I find are blue.) I save small amounts in the 20 ounce bottle. There is little chance for air to get in and since you pull open the top, your paint stays clean and fresh. Just remember to rinse the top off after each use so the top won't crust over with dried paint.

It doesn't have to be a Pepsi bottle, but you might as well enjoy the best.

Until next time, may you have blessings and smooth paint,


  1. great tip on the leftover paint. the crown molding looks great too.

    i love caulking things too. i use it all the time. our home was built in the 50's so it comes in handy a lot....there is nothing duct tape or caulk can't fix! well...i guess there are some things....but, both are handy!

    :) karen

  2. Yeah, I think our house is held together with caulk and spackling (another love of my life). I used to hate caulking but that was because Hubby left blobs and ridges, but know that I'm doing it, I know that it can be completely smooth. I wish it didn't shrink or yellow though.


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