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Friday, September 18, 2009

Master Bedroom

As most mothers know, we usually do things for our children before we do for ourselves, whether it is activities, clothes, or even decorating. Such was the case with me and our master bedroom. Other than paint, not much has been done to it since we moved in. Oh, we had changed out the closet rods to make the tiny three by five foot space work a little harder, but that was done out of necessity, and did nothing for the room's appearance.

That all changes, starting today. Here is a sneak preview of the before pictures.

(I'm updating this because I found some older pictures. These are about 2004, sans bedspread and tablecloths.)

From the door looking in and around the room.

I painted the window wall and then decided I didn't like the paint. The white squares are pieces of flannel tacked up as a design board for a quilt I was making.

Since our bedroom was the biggest, it was also the room to put anything that wouldn't fit somewhere else. "Oh, put it in mom's room, that's where all the junk is" became the answer to all questions that began "Where do I put...?"


When most people move from a large house to a smaller house, they get rid of stuff so there is a place for everything in their new house. Nope, not us. We kept it so we could walk around it and move it from one room to another in the hopeless quest of the 'clean house'. And when we knew company was coming? Oh my, you should see the piles of junk move from the public areas back to the bedrooms.

Fourteen years here and Hubby has finally decided it's time to get rid of stuff.

This is today - pre-makeover:

When I painted the walls this chocolate brown, I pictured a quilt of forest green and chocolate brown. However, after painting it I never really liked the color. Other quilts came first and I never warmed to the color, in fact, I have grown to really dislike it. At least, I dislike having so much of it. It makes the room seem smaller and darker, which was already dark enough with just one window.

Here is another pic from a different angle, with me crammed into the closet.

And with the bedroom door open.

From the window at the opposite end.

A closeup of the bottom of that wall.

The house originally had intake vents at the floor in the hall and the master bedroom. When we replace the heating system a few years ago, they moved the intake to the hall ceiling and we closed up the old vents. We hired someone to repair the new sheetrock areas and the hairline cracks over the doors and windows, but he didn't do a great job. Instead of pulling out the old tape and repairing with mesh tape, he just put more mud over it, and then textured over that. Now, there is a bulge AND a crack over a couple of the doors. Redoing that is my job for tonight. Wish me luck.

I was going to spring it on Hubby when he came home, but I had to call and ask him to bring home supplies for me.

Until next time, may you have blessings and smooth walls,

p.s. Hubby didn't bring home anything but paint for the ceilings. He wants to fill the crack with Elastomeric before repainting due to the house being on ever changing clay soil. I can't say I agree, but he is the pro, so we'll go with it.

I thought I might replace the missing baseboard instead. Since it's 1983, an exact match isn't available anymore, so patching with new stuff won't work. I was going to take it off the kitchen wall - which is going to be moved anyway, but that wall is lined with boxes. It's always something. So I'll spend the evening moving clutter. What else is new?

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  1. I've been thinking about repainting my livingroom and bedroom. Just seeing the difference here that a fresh coat of paint can make inspires me to keep thinking in that direction. Maybe some paint will be my treat to myself whenever I finally get a job. :-)


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