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Friday, September 25, 2009

Painting Rants and Raves

Since everyone likes good news, I'll start with the raves.

I love, love, love Dura Poxy paint. Why, you ask? What's so different about it? This paint is a water-based acrylic enamel that can be painted directly over oil-based enamel with no prep, and it dries hard so it doesn't peel off when it is bumped or scratched. And if you hate painting with oil-based enamel as much as I do, that is really cool. When this house was built, it had oil-based enamel on the trim, so when we painted the house the first time, we had to use oil-based enamel also. Either that or sand and prime every square inch of the enamel. Yuck. Then, as oil-based enamel does, it began yellowing. When we did our first room makeover, Hubby brought this home and we painted several rooms with it. It does take several weeks to harden, and in those few weeks, it will scratch off. But today, I had to get some drywall mud and paint drips off baseboard that had been painted with this paint about six years ago, and I used a metal scraper. The mud and drips came off without marring the paint. How's that for a hard finish? Now in case you are wondering, neither Hubby or I receive a dime from Kelly Moore Paints. I just like this paint.

Next, I love this Safetec Step Ladder Jack. When Hubby brought it home one day I just thought it was another of his gadget impulse purchases, but it really comes in handy. It adjusts to different heights, has steps so it can be used as a short scaffold, and is wide enough to stand on or use as a workbench. It's lightweight and folds flat to store.

Now for the bad news. I had to prime some baseboard before I could paint it, and reached for a can of primer I thought was water-based. It wasn't, as I discovered with I stuck my paint brush into the water to clean it up. I had to clean it because it's my favorite paintbrush, and the only thinner I could find was epoxy thinner. It cleaned it all right. It took off the primer, several old latex blobs that had been on the edge for years, the skin off my fingers.... Well, it didn't take off the skin, but I sure knew every paper cut and bit of cracked skin on my hands. Yowza that burned. But the paintbrush is better than ever.


  1. love acrylic paint too!!! you should get paid for that post! :)

  2. LOL, wouldn't that be nice! It really is good paint though. I painted baseboard this afternoon and then saw a couple of holes, filled them, and then sanded them, and the paint didn't peel.


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