Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Pond Today

Tonight I am doing a presentation on aquatic plants. I've been gathering up materials, and thought I'd take some pictures of some of my plants too. Over the past four days we have had over twelve inches of rain. My previously crispy and dormant yard is now green and overgrown, but the pond looks even worse; it is littered with brown leaves and lily pads. The picture above is the best of a bad scene.

So I'm back to gathering drawings and photos from books and websites. Nothing like procrastination, right?

Until next time, may you have blessings and clear water,


Southern Lady said...

Hi, Marti ...

Your waterfall is so pretty. I'd love to see more of your pond.

I can relate to the high maintenance problem with water features. Our pond has been overrun with tadpoles by the thousands, plus green algae, and we've tried all the usual chemicals, but have found that pure bleach works wonders ... and the best part is that it doesn't harm the water plants!

Good luck on your presentation and I hope you get some sunshine your way soon!

Marti said...

Thank you. I'll see if I have some pictures from this spring. It looks pretty ragged right now.