Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Arrgh! When Things Go Wrong.....

My plan for the window in our bedroom was to remake the room-darkening Roman shade and add curtains that were much wider than the window. I already had this shade and it darkened well, but it didn't hang right. I bought it at the store with initials BB&B, and thought it didn't hang right because someone didn't get it straight when attaching to the top rail. I also wanted it to be an inside mount instead of an outside mount. So I thought removing it from the top rail and straightening it would make it hang right.

Yesterday, I removed all the staples holding it to the mount and found that it also had double-sided tape holding it on. I also wanted to attach it to the top mount with velcro so it could be removed for easy cleaning. This morning, I cut a half-inch off each end of the wooden top mount, and then had to make a trip to Joanns for a strip of velcro and GooGone to remove the tape residue. Then I reattached the top mount to the window frame and attached the velcro to both the mount and the shade.

After all that, I found that the shade doesn't hang straight because it was cut wrong. When I mounted the velcro lower on one end, the shade does hang straight, but then the casings for the dowels at the fold lines weren't level.

If I recut the shade so it hangs straight, I'll have to add fabric to each side to get the width I need. Or I can remake the entire thing. Ugh. If anyone can think of an easy solution, I'd love to know it.

I sure am glad I got a bargain on that lamp because I've wasted time and money on this shade today.

Until next time, may you have blessings and projects that go as planned,

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