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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Art of Illusion

Ok, so I gave up on the Roman shade, took it down, and moved on to the curtains. I had these silky panels already, six of them, and loved the color. I was going to put them across the entire wall, or almost all the wall (so I wouldn't have to deal with any wall space on either side) but my curtain rod was too short. So I opted for 81 inches which would just make them very full. After I got them up, I noticed that two of the panels were a slightly darker shade than the other four so I had to take them off. So it was a good thing I only had a short curtain rod. I hoped I would like my paint color better after I got the panels up, but I don't. Maybe I will after I get color on the bed.

Here are the panels with the morning light (the window faces west). Ignore the mess, I've been working on the shade.

Remember where I started?

I'm not sure whether I will use the other two panels to make a valance or use them further from the other panels. I wasn't sure whether I was going to remake the Roman shade or just scrap it, and I ended up remaking it. Hubby told me to just go buy one that fits right. I'd like to be able to get rid of the mini-blinds in that window, both for Hubby's allergies and because I don't like cleaning them. But the afternoon sun in the summer is so hot I may have to keep them as an additional heat buffer.

I looked everywhere locally for an affordable bedspread or comforter. Our mattress is high profile and most comforters are standard size. I wanted one made out of cotton because polyester snags so badly; I wanted one that was well-made; and I wanted one that was inexpensive. Too bad I have Lexus taste on a Kia budget. The only thing I found locally was a polyester oversized comforter set at Ross, but it didn't have the measurements on the package. I bought it, but when I opened it, not only did it have snags already, but it didn't come to the bottom of the mattress, so back to the store it went. I don't have the time to make one, but I spotted a set of sheets with colors I thought would work, so bought a couple of king size sets and will make a quickie bedspread.

After I washed them to preshrink, I found a bedspread online that seems to be the same as the sheets I bought, but no measurements listed, and it is mucho expensive, even on sale. So even though I like it better, I'll make an easy quilt. Wish me luck.

Until next time, may you have blessings and a good weekend,


  1. Thank you for your sharing this with us. I am writing from Australia where I spent a very hot afternoon reading though all your links in one hit.
    . Not only am I impressed by what you have achieved, but that you have also retained your sense of humour.
    My congratulations, it cannot have been easy, and I hope you are enjoying the fruits of your hard labour.

  2. I am so flattered, thank you Kate. I hope this this is all worth it, but I'm already enjoying my house more than I have in years. It's either laugh or cry sometimes, and I'd rather laugh.


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