Sunday, October 25, 2009

Completed Bedroom Curtains - I Think

On Friday, I declared a moratorium on painting, at least in the master bedroom, and moved onto the window covering. I already had the panels up, and had one more panel to use as a valance. I experimented with a couple of scarf looks and finally decided to cut it and make the above panels. I may shorten the end pieces or recut the angle on them as I'm not sure I like the way they look now.

I also made three panels out of part of the sheet set. I didn't paint any of the flowers on the middle section (just didn't get around to it before Hubby came home from his hunting trip) and asked him if he could tell any difference in any of those panels. He studied them for a minute and then said no, they all looked alike. Hmmmm. I can tell, but I'll admit it's less noticeable from a distance.

I made the valance panels separate pieces so I can change out the wider panels to match my quilts.

I started to make the brown panels with this design, but Hubby thought they were too formal so I did the frog stitch on them (rip it, rip it) and remade them with a straight gather. I prefer the pleated panel, but I admit the gathered panel is easier.

Cost of the window treatment (excluding the mini blinds and Roman shade):
5 brown panels (including valance pieces) - bought at Ross last spring - $25.00
3 green panels from bottom sheet of set with leftover fabric - $9.00 (set was $19.00)
plain curtain rod - $5.00
decorative rod from Target - $29.00 (my big splurge - I didn't like any of the $10 ones at Ross)
Total cost - $68

Now I need to iron the panels and on to the bed skirt!

Until next time, may you have blessings and joy,

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