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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Means Collecting Seed for Next Year's Garden

If you are like me, your window sills or counter is full of drying seeds. I used to just buy seeds every spring, but sometimes I can't find the varieties I want, and buying seeds can also be expensive if I plant many things.

This past spring, we had a late freeze and lost most of our peppers, or thought we did. Some of them pulled through. When we went back to the big box store in order to replant, the Hubster went a bit wild with the pepper varieties. One he bought was called a Yummy. It had a tag from Bonnie's plants so should be available most places, but we had never seen it before. The tag says it is a petite sweet red pepper and to say it is yummy is an understatement. It is twice as sweet as a regular red bell, and also twice (or more) as small. But it is heavenly. Those seed I definitely saved and next year we will have more than one plant. One time when we were really busy and didn't have time to use or put up any garden produce, Hubby picked everything and took it to work, including our first crop of yummies. The people there went nuts over the yummys and have been asking for them ever since. But it isn't a big producer, so the rest of them have been savored right here at home.

There are a lot of cute seed packet patterns online, and I have used them when trading seed with people, but for my own seeds, I prefer to use regular envelopes that bills have come in - the ones with the clear plastic window. I just cut them like the patterns on the open end, glue, label, and stick them in a box in the fridge.

Until next time, may you have blessings and a bountiful harvest,

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