Sunday, October 25, 2009

Garage Sale Finds

There seems to be a new trend around here that I really like. Local churches are renting out their parking lots to anyone, not just church members, to set up a sale area. Last Saturday I went to a couple of those and found the following:

A Minolta Maxxim 7000 camera. I have camera just like this, but not with the zoom lens. It's a 35mm which I don't use as often as digital, but it still takes a nice picture and one I use when I want to have pictures printed. Hubby priced a used zoom lens at a store one time and it was still out of our budget. Price for camera, lens, camera bag, and a few little odds and ends: $5.00 The cost for the Maxxim we bought new 22 years ago was over $600.00.

The lady I bought it from called it a beginner camera. I thought that was funny because it's our best camera.

Next, I found this picture for $1.00. Lil laid claim to it since it matches her living room colors. Oops, it's upside down, you'll have to stand on your head or turn your laptop around to see the hummingbirds. lol

I also found these globes for ceiling fan lights for $.25 each. I have a plan for them I hope to show here soon.

Last, I found this Corning casserole dish and lid, and a matching pie pan for $2.50. My mother-in-law wanted the pie pan so I didn't get to take a picture of it.

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  1. I love garage sales but I just don't have room in my house for a lot of STUFF so I have to be real picky about what I bring home. I would definatly bring home that corning casserole dish and the camara...that was a great fine for $5.00. Yes, I would love to have the table skirt pattern. I don't have one.


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