Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Hate to Admit It, But

I walked through the Christmas department at Walmart. And I thought some of the stuff was really cute. I stopped short of buying anything, but I thought about it. I refuse to get into the Christmas spirit yet. I refuse. I don't want to be sick of Christmas carols, Christmas decorations, and Christmas food by the time Christmas gets here. But those all gold, all pink, and all blue displays are calling my name.

Until next time, may you have blessings and joy,


  1. Marti: What a lovely blog - wish you would have a follower column, so we can all sign up. I'm not too good at computers, because gardening is my thing, but google it and I'm sure you'll get the answer and then we can all follow all your posts. Best, Charlotte

  2. Thank you Lottie. I do have a follower column; it's at the bottom now. I've been moving it around since I only have one follower, it looked so sad to be on the side. Maybe I should move it back there. I haven't really figured out the purpose of the follower thing.

  3. Love the layout! It's easier and clearer to read than the other layout. Great job!

  4. LOL Gayle. I didn't change anything except move the follower thing, and change the date on the archive. I compared mine with yours (I'm using Minima Stretch), they seemed to be the same size. Yours just looks bigger to me.


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