Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Now That I've Finally Figured Out How to BE a Follower

I think I'm going to take the follower gadget off my blog. I don't blog for other people, though I admit I do love to see the list of different cities and countries that have come through here, and like to see comments too. It shouldn't matter, but I'd rather not know how many people don't care about reading my blog than have to see it on a follower list every day. I guess it's petty, but friends from a forum I visit signed up as followers on another friend's blog, but not mine. Probably, it was because of convenience, at least I tell myself that, but still, I'm happier not knowing about it.

Also, I never really figured out the purpose of being a follower. It's so much easier to see when someone has updated their blog to have a blog list. So if the three of you who did sign up want to know when I've said something earth shatteringly important, you'll just have to put my blog on your blog list. Of course, you'll have to wait a very, very, long time to hear anything important.

Updated Thursday.

Wow, what a whiney post that was. Can you tell I was having a really bad day yesterday? It started out with feeling a bit under the weather, probably because of the weather, and got worse from there. I had the beastmobile loaded with a neighbor's garage sale leftovers and had to take it to the closest thrift store in the rain, and the lady there was not happy to unload wet stuff with me. Normally I like gray, rainy days, but not that day. The rain filled Lake Driveway, our own private, automobile bathtub. Also, Hubby has been gone for a week and a week alone is about five days too long for me. I spent most of the time painting and rearranging, and the painting has gotten really old. And last, Lil is coming home today and we have been using her room as the room to dump the junk and I hadn't started cleaning it out. Finally, yesterday afternoon, I started moving the stuff to the living/dining room so I could find her bed. Finally, her room was cleaned out, and the living/dining room looked like this:

Now, how many people will show you pictures of their trashed out rooms? Can't get that on Desire to Inspire, can you? I should call my blog Prepare to Despair. I've said before that we have too much junk and no where to put it all, so cleaning one room just moves the junk to another room. But I stayed up most of the night and found a place for most of it. A lot more went to the trash and the thrift store pile, but there are still things that are homeless.

So things are looking up since yesterday, but instead of deleting this post, or changing what I said yesterday, I am going to leave it. Maybe it will teach me not to whine, though I doubt it.

Until next time, may you have blessings and cheeze with your whine,

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