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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

I want to tell you about my favorite new thrift store, Soaring Eagle Center. It's a bit off any of my regular routes and don't remember how I stumbled across it, but I'm glad I did. Not only does it have a lot of great stuff at great prices, but the people who work there are so nice. Also, I'm impressed with their mission. Their slogan says it all: "Enabling young people with special needs to soar like eagles."

I thought my niece might like to have the desk, so got my camera out to take a picture of it, and then couldn't stop taking pictures. After talking to the people there, I knew I just had to blog about it.

Roll top desk, $60!

Great selection of kids' costumes.

Including Elvis (has sequined belt and accessories not pictured) $10

Franciscan Pottery $15

Brand new bell bottom jeans, I didn't get the price.

Hand painted Japanese art $3 each.

Blue and white pitchers from $.50 to $3 (The little one had to come home with me)

More glassware from $1 to $5. (The little brown tea pot came home with me too, it was $3.50)

Painted vase, I didn't get the price on it either.

I was going to post this today anyway, but after seeing Tales from Bloggeritaville's Thrift Thursday post, I decided to join her party. This is my first time to do something like this, so I'm probably not doing it quite right, but maybe it will work.

Until next time, may you have blessings and bargains,

Take a moment to view this neat video from the Soaring Eagle Center.


  1. Hi, Marty... those were some great prices on things, and I'm glad you got that cute little teapot. Super price on it!

    Happy Thrifty Thursday!


    Sheila :-)

  2. Looks like a great store...and with a great mission, too. Thanks for commenting on Pandora's Box and sharing your thoughts...this whole party linky thing is also fairly new to me...I actually function better without rules, so "link-away"..haha

  3. Thank you both. The little teapot reminds me of a vase I had when I was young. It was destroyed when the cinder block & board bookshelves imploded in our first college days house.

    LOL Patti, I chafe under rules also. Who knew there would be any in blogland?

  4. Looks like a great store. Cute teapot.

  5. Oooooh! To be able to have a few hours at the Soaring Eagle! A great mission, great prices, great finds! You lucky girl!Great finds!Thanks for linking up to thrifty Thursday, sweet friend! And thanks for dropping by Bloggeritaville!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  6. Oh My - lucky I don't live near...I love alot of those housewares you showed...great prices too !
    Did you niece buy the desk ?

  7. No, turns out my niece wants a narrow rolltop, kind of like a secretary with a roll top instead of a drop down. I don't think I've ever seen one.

  8. I absolutly LOVE the roll top desk!! I just WISH we had a thrift store like this around here. :-) Gwen

  9. Hi Marti!

    I am so glad to see you join the thrifty party! And your post was perfect!

    Wow, what a great store and some awesome finds!

    I love the items you picked up!

    Have a wonderful day!

  10. Looks like the ideal store...did your niece end up with that nice desk? ♥ the blue/white pitchers.


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