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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Little Weirdness

My tomato plants quit producing for the most part so I have been buying tomatoes from the grocery store. Today I cut into this tomato and found that the seeds have sprouted in it! (you may have to click and enlarge to see it)

I thought it would make an interesting blog picture, but then didn't have anything else to say, so I picked up my camera to take more pictures.

Below is a group of three trees in my neighbor's front yard. They have grown together so it looks like one big tree unless you look at the trunks. I love it because one of the trees stays green longer than the others. I've been waiting for better color, but this year it appears the red just isn't going to be very bright.

I think I've been blessed by the 'weird gene' because I delight in seeing unusual things, even if I see what no one else sees. In these next pictures, you might need to also possess the 'weird gene' to see what I see.

In 1990, we bought some property in an undeveloped area, with many outcroppings of sandstone. Lil found a perfect fossil shell, then another, and another until we all became trained to look at the ground when walking. We have found some petrified wood and even petrified bone along with many fossils. But I began to find rocks that looked like other things, and so my interest in rocks began.

This is my first 'find', which I call the petrified brain of prehistoric man (woman's brain being much larger of course).

Petrified prehistoric foot:

Petrified egg: (I have two more that are actually much better but I couldn't find them.) I don't know what that light splotch is, it won't come off. Must be a petrified rotten egg.

This is a rock my neighbor (who knows and enables my quirks) gave me. From this angle it looks just like a rock - ok if you insist, it is a rock:

But from this angle, it is a petrified dinosaur:

A heart (although at this angle I see a bicycle seat):

A small grouping with another heart, a peanut, and something I haven't identified yet. It is a real fossil, but the ridges on the side kind of look like something else, maybe dentures.

Petrified soap. Irish Spring, I think.

This one has several possibilities. It is round on top and comes to a chiseled point on all sides. I couldn't decide whether it looked like a top, a tooth, or a pencil nub, what do you think? Lil used to spin it like a top when she was young.

I haven't identified these next two, but I am sure they are something. The first one kind of looks like the end of a finger. Maybe you see something else? Here are two views of it.

This one is just interesting. Any ideas what it might be?

And no, I don't look for faces in potato chips. I leave that to folks with even more imagination than I.

Until next time, may you have blessings and the ability to see the unusual in the usual,


  1. I also am a rock hound and have a rock that looks like a brain--my Mom found it and she's been gone 40 years, so it is my favorite. I have a stone that has a heart shape cut out of it! I was standing on top of a pile of small rocks and just happened to look down and there it was. Amazing. I love rocks--your are truly interesting.

  2. Thanks! Maybe yours is the woman's brain. I'd like to see your rock with the heart shape cut out.


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