Friday, November 13, 2009

Looking for Lamp Shades, You Can Help Me Decide

I have never had so much trouble finding lampshades. Maybe it's because I'm not totally in love with the lamps, but I doubt it. I've put every lampshade in the house on them and don't like any of them, so last night I asked Hubby if he wanted to go to Lowe's with me to find new shades. I couldn't believe it when he said yes and didn't roam off to look at tools when we were there - well, other than a quick peek at a sale rack. I bought two shades, brought them home, put them on the lamps and took them right back to the store. I exchanged them for two different shades and disliked them too. Rather than spend the next week driving back and forth from stores, I took a lamp with me today to find the perfect lamp shade. I didn't find it. Help?????!!

Ok, here's one of the lamps with it's original 1975 lampshade. (The lamps belonged to my mother-in-law, and while I didn't have to take them and could have let her sell them in the auction, I'm a sucker for a sob story - at least the one where these were the last things her father ever gave her.) That's a cream sheet covering the bed pattern, and a curtain on the table that will be made into a tablecloth. The wall color is blushing pear, which is kind of a buttery tan.

I have never liked the original lampshades although they are (or were) very expensive raw silk shades. They are too tall, too barrel, and too old-lady-house style. Mainly though, they're just too tall. The spider thing isn't even with the top of the shade, but is about five inches below the top. The lamp base is 18 inches and the shade is 17 inches.

Here's a shade from the big box store, with the original harp and then with a shorter harp. This is barely off white, and the only one this color, all the others were pure white.

(oops, accidently removed this photos)
That was enough to show me that shades with the shorter harp were better, so I quit playing musical shades at the big box store so the other customers would quit glancing over their shoulder at me and whispering to each other.

Another lampshade, champagne color and a different shape.

(oops, accidently removed this photo too)

One more shade look. Sunday, I went to BB&B and bought a 7.5 inch harp. Here it is with a shade I had at home. I don't like this shade on it, but it gives an idea how a shade will sit on a shorter harp. Very little of the lamp's neck shows with this harp giving the lamp more of a modern look and less an Icabod Crane look.

There is one of the above shades I think I like, but I'd have to bring it home and live with it for a day or two I think. If I like the shade, the color doesn't seem right, and if I like the color, the shade doesn't seem right. And at $25 to $30 each, I can't get one with the intention of redoing it. I'm not crazy about the yellow rose on the lamp base, and thought of painting over it, but I like using the base as a nightlight or mood lighting. It is the bedroom after all. *wink* *wink*

Thanks for putting in your two cents!

Until next time, may you have blessings and decisiveness,


Loretta said...

I just bought lampshade #3 last month! I love it with my lamp, but you are right, it doesn't quite go with yours. But I think the shape works well with it.

judemiller1 said...

I'm having the same problem with a blown glass that my mother had made in the late '60's. I don't like the shades that are so short they show the switch, I never thought to get a shorter harp.
Good luck with your search