Friday, November 13, 2009

Shopping Locally Update

I have been looking for a small table to put beside Hubby's recliner. It either needed to be a narrow table or a triangular table to fit in the spot. I had seen one at La Z Boy I thought would work, but ended up finding something similar and less expensive in a nearby town at Happy's Home Furnishings. It's a family owned business located in old store on the square and they have done a good job of preserving the history of the building. The people there are friendly and it was a great experience. They have more furniture than will fit in their two story location, and use a building across the street as their warehouse. Many, many years ago, Sears was located in that building and the people at Happy's still refer to their warehouse as Sears. Here's the table we bought, it has a little pullout drink tray and a drawer for remotes and other small things.

We've also been looking for flooring to replace our wood floor in the living/dining room that was damaged when the freezer quit and everything melted and leaked onto the floor. At the Dallas Home and Garden Show I talked to a vendor who said they could get the same flooring, so Hubby and I went to one of their locations. They could get it alright, at three times the price we originally paid! We thanked them and left. The other day when I was in town, I noticed a building that said Carpet, so I stopped in. They didn't carry this brand, but the man there picked up the phone and started calling, and found where he could get it. The price was right (more than we paid originally, but it's been a year too) so we will get it at Glenn's Warehouse Carpets. Maybe we'll even recarpet the master bedroom while we're at it.

I also realized I do patronize other local independent businesses when I got my hair cut yesterday at His & Hers. I've been going there for years. My stylist is extremely thin with thick, curly hair, but I like her anyway. *grin* She's the only stylist I've ever been to who doesn't try to plaster my hair with mousse and spray.

I wanted to visit the one store listed on The 3/50 Project website but it had closed. With Christmas coming, I think shopping locally with independents will be easier than I first thought.

Until next time, may you have blessings and pleasant shopping experiences,

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