Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tablecloths Finished

As you can see in the above photo, I also found some lampshades I like. Thanks to all who participated in the poll. It was enough for me to see that while everyone has different tastes, the shade options I found locally just weren't right for the lamp (or for me). The original barrel shades may look good with the lamps, but after disliking them for over thirty years, they just weren't an option for me either.

When I showed these shades to a friend (while they still had the plastic and price tags on them), she gasped and said "I thought you were supposed to be frugal!" I had been feeling a bit guilty over the price even though I knew these were the shades and at first I started to agree with her. But being frugal isn't necessarily being cheap. Often it's cutting back in some areas so you can spend in other areas, and that's exactly what I've done in this bedroom.

Ok, with that out of the way, let me show you what I started with and why I really needed to get these tablecloths made. Hubby made these tables years ago out of an old bookshelf, and when we got the new bed, they were too short. Since they weren't anything special to begin with, Hubby made them taller the easiest way possible, but not the most attractive way.

I found sheets the same color as the coverlet and made round tablecloths out of them. Then I used extra curtain panels to make square cloths to layer over them. I may make them a big smaller but will live with them this size for awhile.

To soften the hard edge and prevent snags on finer fabric tablecloths, I used an old mattress pad and the elastic from the fitted sheet to cover the tables.

We had the glass cut years ago and I have no idea why we got smoked glass instead of clear. I guess we liked it better at the time. The table tops and glass were cut so I could use these crocheted table toppers made by my great aunt.

The finished tablecloths (with excess fabric wrapped around pillows to see what it looks like).

Remember what I started with?

Until next time, may you have blessings and happy sewing,

P.S. An update about the job opportunity. I found out that the current bookkeeper is the girlfriend of the owner, and neither he nor she knows that the manager wants to make a change. No way, Jose, will I consider that one!

P.S.2. I've got a sewing tip too. After I made the first tablecloth, I realized that the sheets were a little on the limp side, and since I didn't have any spray sizing I mixed up a batch of liquid starch, the heavy formula. I only had one table cloth hemmed, but I starched both tablecloths. When I began hemming the second tablecloth I didn't have to use any pins, the starched fabric stayed firmly flat after pressing. Cut my hemming time in half or less for the second tablecloth.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new lamps and side tables. The overall effect is of quiet elegance, my favourite look.

I made a single table out of a heavy duty cardboard drum and found a heavy, odd shaped, circular something to use as a lid. Covered with a circular, plus a square cloth it got many compliments.
Then my son started asking if I had thrown away his balancing platform, but I had no recollection of ever seeing it. Two years later I had the covers off the table for washing, and he spotted it - my odd shaped find.
As for the information about viceral fat, I start my diet tomorrow. Thank you - I think. ;-)


judemiller1 said...

You did a great job. I love the lamp shade--it is just like the one I choose for a blown glass lamp my Mom had made back in the 60's. Also love how the crocheted table toppers look under the glass table top. Beautiful. Your bedroom now looks very comforting, peaceful and restful.

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

You were right about the shades. It all looks so lovely!

Have a great week!

Marti said...

LOL, I can see me doing that. When Hubby finds something he thinks is junk, he just throws it away, but I've been known to build it into something.

The great thing about tablecloths is they can cover anything and look great. I say if it's usable, go for it. You can see that I keep a CD player and flashlight handy under mine - and it gets filled up with other stuff too.

Good luck to both of us with our diets, I keep looking for one that works for me.

Grandma K said...

The room is beautiful! I am impressed.

Also, I knew the answer about the job would come to you.

Anonymous said...

The room looks lovely. Everything came together so well. The lampshades are perfect for your lamps and I love the color combo. Great job! (Worth the painting, huh? lol)

Sandy in MI said...

Wow, I love the lampshades and the tables! The whole room looks beautiful, great job. What a difference from what you started with.