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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It Could Be Worse

I got really lucky this morning at the hospital. The parking lot was straight-in parking (which is always a pain in a big vehicle) and the rows were close so turning was tight. At first I thought there weren't any parking places and then I saw two people parked next to each other both coming out at the same time. Gave me plenty of room to back in, and then getting out was a breeze. I think I might have hit something if I had had to get into those tight spaces otherwise. So that too could have been worse.

When I dressed for the UGI appointment, I decided to wear a sports bra and knit top so they wouldn't make me take it off. I knew metal was bad. I hadn't bought a new sports bra in a while, or make that a few pounds, and it was like trying to put a rubber band on a water balloon, but I finally got it on. Then, because I had a metal in my jeans, they made me take off everything! Wouldn't have been so bad wearing nothing but a hospital gown if it weren't so cold, even inside the hospital. Well that and that I had chosen to wear black jean, black socks, and black walking shoes. They let me keep the socks and shoes on, and let me tell you, black shoes and socks look smashing with a blue and white hospital gown.

The UGI could have been better, but it was tolerable. They make you take a granular powder like Fizzies (remember those?) followed by about a tablespoon of water. Then drink some thick bluish stuff (tasted bad) and then drink some really nasty white stuff. I thought I was going to lose the white stuff, but I kept it down. Afterward, the assistant told me to drink a lot of water to get the barium out because it can cause constipation. She gave me a really funny look when I said that was great, and told me I had to flush it out anyway.

After getting back home, I was starving - as usual - and ate and then, sure enough, spent time in the library. So much for constipation. Liars.

Until next time, may you have blessings and all your original parts,

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  1. I had to go back and get updates. I hope the UGI doesn't show anything bad.

    They were right, that stuff could constipate. I guess you are still full of fiber!!


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