Friday, January 29, 2010


I have the strangest dreams, or maybe it seems that way because Hubby doesn't seem to dream much.

The other night I dreamed I was being taken to the mortuary to be euthanized. I was a tall, thin, old man with gray hair and I was taken there by two or three shadowy people who were shorter than I was. But when we got there, I told them I didn't want to be euthanized because I felt good that day, and I ran around the room to prove it. But I was given the shot anyway. I refused to lie down though and concentrated on staying awake because I knew if I went to sleep, it was the big sleep. My eyes would droop and I'd force them open and I made myself keep walking around the room while the shadowy people watched. The last I remember of that dream is that I just couldn't keep my eyes open.

I don't know why I dreamed that except I haven't been feeling so terrific lately. The last thing Hubby and I had talked about before going to bed that night was about copperhead snakes hiding in thick vines growing on the ground. How one of those thoughts worked it's way into a euthanasia shot is beyond me. And why I dreamed I was an old man is even stranger. I usually dream I look like me, even a younger me.

Here's how another dream started. A while back (before our latest water disaster), I had been thinking that the kitchen needed some work done. The cabinets need to be refinished and there are a couple of structural changes I wanted to make.

Then one night, I dreamed I told Hubby we needed to remodel the kitchen. He put his arms around me, looked lovingly into my eyes and said “Darling, I think you’re right.”

Then I realized it wasn’t Hubby after all, it was a younger Robert Wagner. Actually it was Jonathan Hart. Then we turned and walked from our gorgeously landscaped yard into our gorgeous stone house where every gorgeous room was completely finished.

And then I realized it wasn’t me in his arms, but Stephanie Powers aka Jennifer Hart. Then I woke up, and there I was beside my stubborn husband who didn’t want to think about remodeling anything else now.

If you are old enough to remember the tv show Hart to Hart, you know who I’m talking about. Jonathan and Jennifer were always perfectly dressed, he always called her ‘darling’, and they always agreed with each other. When the show was on, my friends and I often lamented that our husbands weren’t like Jonathan Hart. When one of them belched, farted, or did something else that was rude or crude, we would look at each other and say “Jonathan would never do that.” Since it was really a chick show, our husbands never looked at each other after anything we did to say “Jennifer would never do that.” They were really annoyed by Jonathan and they didn’t even know who he was.

When I was a teenager I started reading Louis L'Amour books with my dad. Now if you have ever read a Louis L'Amour book, you know they are westerns and the story line doesn't vary much. Main character, usually a man, comes across someone in trouble, can't turn his back on them, becomes the humble hero, and wins the girl in the end. Most of the time his hero was strikingly handsome, but he also had a few heroes that were just nice looking. One of them was Tell Sackett, played by Sam Elliot in the movie The Sacketts.

Tell is described as a tall, lanky teenager who grew into a over tall, slightly stooped man with wide shoulders, muscled arms, and big hands who could move anything he put his hand to. He could build a house, shoot what he aimed at, and take care of his family and friends. He doesn't talk a lot, has a dry wit, and likes to think over a problem before giving his opinion. He is respected because he doesn't make rash decisions, is dependable, and gets the job done.

After seeing the movie, I checked the book out of the library to see what the movie changed or left out, and it was after reading it again that I realized I had married Tell Sackett. Louis L'Amour couldn't have described Hubby better if he had spent a year studying him every day.

Why did I tell you this? Because Tell, I mean Hubby, had been thinking over what I said about remodeling the kitchen, and finally agreed that a few things needed to be done, but he wanted to modify some of my more extreme ideas. He never said he was thinking about it, and really didn't even seem to be listening when I told him what I would like to do, but he had been thinking about it just the same.

The strong, silent type is a lot easier to live with in books, but I still wouldn't trade Hubby for a dozen Jonathan Harts.

Until next time, may you have blessings and storybook endings,


  1. What a great post...I could not stop reading. You weave a great story and I really enjoyed how what seemed like a bit of non related writing wove together beautifully at the end!! You tell your stories well. Thanks for the pleasure.

  2. *blushing* Thank you. My thoughts do tend to ramble on and vary off in different directions. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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