Monday, February 1, 2010

Finally - On to the Kitchen

Hubby had been thinking about my kitchen remodel suggestions, and after the latest kitchen disaster, we discussed his ideas. Now here's where I confess that we shouldn't have started remodeling this house until we had lived here awhile, but our ideas seemed so good when we first saw the house. Live and learn I guess.

Here's the floorplan of the house when we bought it:

This is the floorplan after we made our initial changes before moving in:

Then we enclosed the garage, turned it into a den, used the living room as a dining room. Last year we moved the door from the location by the fireplace to the kitchen, and added a door from the dining room to the kitchen so everyone wouldn't have to walk through the kitchen to go into the backyard. To do that, we had to move the upright freezer into the laundry room. Then the floorplan looked like this:

Notice anything?

I have never liked having an open doorway to the kitchen in front of the sink and we always thought we'd put a butler's door there, but we never did. This has been the view from my front door for fourteen years, and this is cleaned up, usually the dishwasher is open while dishes dry:

It's also a giant pain in the caboose to have the upright freezer next to the chest freezer, and even though I like having an enclosed laundry room, I'd rather close off the door in front of the kitchen sink and have access to both freezers again. Two doors into the kitchen take out some valuable wall space. I thought it would be great to move the wall of oven cabinets down so both refrigerator and freezer could be side by side again. Hubby's thought was just to close in the door and put the freezer there. Less expensive and less labor. Here's his plan:

Yep, just about right back where we started.

Where we stand now the ceiling has been replaced, the doors are done, and now we need to paint and replace some trim and then we are ready to replace flooring. Now that the houseplan is back the way it started, I appreciate the ease of having that door in the kitchen, but I really like walking in the front door without a view of the kitchen. Live and learn. What I've learned is that this house was just not designed well.

Until next time, may you have blessings and good design,

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