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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Night Out with a Little Country Music

Last Saturday night Hubby wanted to take his parents to a local country music show. It is a lot like the variety shows at Branson, Missouri (or like the shows at Branson used to be in the '80's), without the long drive and crowds. I didn't know it, but Johnnie High's Country Music Revue is one of the top country music shows outside Nashville.

I expected to sink miserably in my chair with my hands over my ear-plug filled ears, but I enjoyed it a lot. I did have to wear ear plugs, but didn't need the additional hands over ears that I often have to have with loud music, which means it was loud, but not deafening.

I had no idea there could be so much talent in one small theater. The announcer, Michael Hix, was cute, funny, and a talented singer. He did an Elvis song and a Loretta Lynn song and managed to capture the style of both of them. Of course it was funny to see him do Loretta Lynn and he hammed it up so it was quite entertaining. We were told that it would be an hour show so we weren't expecting much, but it was actually a little over two hours and there were at least a dozen singers, some were Johnnie High regulars and others were guest singers. Each sang a couple of songs, and like Hubby said, there was enough variety to please everyone. My favorite was a young lady named Brandy Morris; I predict she will be a big star one of these days so watch for her.

Except for families of the young singers, it seemed to be a crowd of mostly senior citizens, and the older end of senior citizens at that. I felt positively youthful. Usually, when I am sitting in a crowd, I notice the smell of perfume and cigarette smoke clinging to the clothes of people around us. That night I smelled hairspray, and then I noticed that nearly every woman around us had a recent coiffure in the senior citizen cotton candy look - short, white, curled hair, teased and sprayed unmercifully into a puffy ball.

Most of the audience seemed to know each other and I heard them greeting each other, inquiring about their week, and finding their favorite seats. Toward the end of the show, birthdays and anniversaries were announced and there was friendly bantering with the audience. Made me wish I was a regular, it was so comfortable among them.

Until next time, may you have blessings and good music,

p.s. I took Terry's advice and bought some digestive enzymes, and started taking them Saturday. When we left the theater about 10pm, it dawned on me that I had very little pain when I'm usually dying about that time. I'm encouraged.

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