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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pawpaw's Birthday Present

My father-in-law turned 84 Friday. He loves to play games and probably misses game night with friends more than anything since they have moved here. We try to play with them every week or two but I'm sure it's not the same. My mother-in-law wants him to play games to keep his mind sharp, or as sharp as it can be with the medications he takes.

For his birthday, I bought these handmade domino holders from Mike at Wood-n-Things. I described what I wanted and Mike turned out these great holders along with little train figures for the game of Mexican Train. They turned out great, which shows how talented Mike is, because they were a first for him. Thanks Mike!

Pawpaw made the center train station years ago and we just set our dominoes on edge in front of us. However, Pawpaw has Parkinson's disease now and it is difficult for him to pick up one domino without knocking several over so these will help with that. And if you've ever played any kind of domino game, you know that one bump of the table knocks all the dominoes over. Someone in our family, the tall, dark and good-looking one, thinks it's really funny to bump the table and tell everyone he knows what they are holding. The person holding the double blank doesn't want anyone to know where it is. So no more domino pickup after a table bump. Sorry hon.

Pawpaw was really pleased with the holders and we'll set up a game this week to try them out.

Until next time, may you have blessings and time to play,

1 comment:

  1. How great! Playing the games will help him.

    You are right, Mike did a great job!


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