Monday, May 31, 2010

Knockout Quilt

This is the before. (actually more than just this, but you get the drift)

Another Trash to Treasure story.  Or Rags to <strike>Riches</strike> Quilt.

This is Hubby's favorite quilt. He calls it his knockout quilt. The minute he pulls it over him while stretched out in the recliner, he is fast asleep. I've wrangled it away from him a couple of times and it does have that effect, I think because it's so thick and heavy.

Until next time, may you have blessings and treasures in your trash,


Karen said...

Nice - always wanted to try one of these. Do you use a backing?

Marti said...

Thanks Karen! I did, but the backing isn't one piece, it's cut into the same size blocks as the front and all the seams are sewn to the front. I used a red flannel on the back and it's really warm and heavy. It's Hubby's favorite when he is in his recliner, but it was a real pain to clip all those seams to make it fray like chennile in the wash.