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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Girls' Weekend

Every year I get to go on a weekend trip with friends I have known for years, some as far back as first grade. I have my projects done, yard mowed, garden watered, clothes washed, kitchen..., ok, forget the kitchen. My suitcase is out and I have everything laid out to put in it, and new clothes just waiting to be worn.

I'm even wearing shorts this year instead of suffering in the heat wearing jeans like I usually do. To make sure my lily white legs don't draw attention, I've used sunless tanning cream religiously the last few days so they are a healthy brorange. I am sooooo ready to get away for awhile.

I just found out I have my dates wrong, it's not this weekend. Waaaaa! Guess I'll go clean the kitchen.

Until next time, may you have blessings and an accurate calendar,


  1. You are hilarious! I can only imagine how disappointed you must have been. But I'm sure you'll have that much more fun next weekend. Don't forget to tan again!

  2. So sorry you got that date wrong. I know what it is like to be excited about a break. Anyway you will be all organized now for your real break.

    You asked about the raised beds on my blog. They were supplied to the community garden already made so not sure of exact structure. I am sure they could be made from found materials if someone was clever enough.

  3. Oh that's too funny! I have had lapses like that too, lol! The rugs I have out have worn really well and I've had them about 3-4 years. They are not outdoor rugs either. I vacum them, and I pressure washed them this year.

  4. OHHHH I'm sorry! On the upside,now you just have to "maintain" the clean house! Have fun when you go!

  5. Were you a little too excited??? Just kidding, this get away sounds so wonderful. It is just too bad you got he date wrong.

  6. Well, I rushed to get ready, so now I have more time so I don't leave anything.


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